South Park Towelie & Randy We're Back Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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Color: Navy

Ships within Canada.

From strolling the lands of Tegridy Farms to tearing into a bag of Cheesy Poofs, you will love wearing this South Park Towelie & Randy We're Back Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Featuring Towelie and Randy, this South Park long-sleeve t-shirt lets everyone know that your favorite duo is back in action.


  • Classic heavyweight fabric
  • Preshrunk jersey knit
  • Classic Fit

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Towelie was originally manufactured by Tynacorp, a sentient Smart Towel RG-400 designed to make people dry as needed - or, according to Tynacorp's enemies, to make them too dry. After discovering marijuana, he got high and sort of wandered off, and soon found himself in the town of South Park, where he eventually began trailing the boys, offering them towel advice. His relationship with the boys allowed Towelie to develop compassion before escaping at last.

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